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 Fantastic song. The arrangement of the song was executed perfectly and the use of the vocal harmonies in certain sections paid off very well. And just as I was losing interest there would be a song change and catch my interest again.Well done on this song 



"The beat is great but i had no idea what they was saying. it sounds like they are saying something about licking an eye on! Im not sure what the song is about. 

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" This is definitely the type of music I love to listen to. It has an older rock feel, like the Rolling Stones or The Beatles, but it's still different enough to be listened to everyday. I could see this song being on the radio. I like how upbeat it is, and everything seems to flow really well. Great song!" 

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" Right off the bat this song made me want to dance. The guitar is very upbeat and the vocals are a little raspy. It had an old fashion rock sound too it. At 1:30 the sound changes a little almost getting even more upbeat and then with a little drop goes back to the chorus. And the guitar solo is fun and just makes you wanna air guitar and jump around. ."

Down Down Down


" This song is very bold. It is loud and energetic. I like the singing and i also like the simple but effective lyrics. I like the verses and i like the way the instrumental sounds. This is a great song which i have enjoyed listening to and reviewing. "

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" I love this song. It has just the right amount of different to it, but it isn't too 'out there' at the same time. It's a very catchy song, and I feel like I want to learn all of the lyrics right now just so I can sing along to it. I would absolutely download this song. Also, coming from a singer/songwriter, I would love to do a cover of this song "