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 I'm not going to claim that I know a lot about punk music, but I do enjoy some punk all the same. Misfits, Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones, The Dead Milkmen, Green Day, and Dead Kennedys are about the extent of my punk rock listening; although I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting. However, I'm going to attempt to convey the attitude, and classic era punk influence that appears on League of Pity's new album, Outrage - Welcome to Your New Happy Life.
One thing everyone knows about punk, is that it's always been about non-conformist ideals, rebellion, and loud guitars that spit in the face of the mainstream. A lot of the early originators of thrash relied heavily upon early punk, taking influence from their give no fucks, fuck you attitude, power, and speed. League Of Pity takes their influences from these original punk groups, and brings it into the modern era.
“Illegal Alien” brings to mind the band's in the punk rock battle of the bands from that one
Cheech and Chong movie; can imagine that this tune would've fit right in that scene nicely. There's attitude like crazy here, a quick tempo, and music that reminds me of The Ramones a bit.
The Clash influenced “How's Your Mother?”, but I also hear a little Dead Milkmen as well. The Dead Milkmen are amazing, and hearing that influence just made me feel old as fuck lol It struck me in “Illegal Alien”, and this song, that there's even some surf music influences to be heard in League of Pity's songs.
“Outrage” is my second favorite tune on the record, mostly because it's ridiculously catchy. That guitar part is really cool, and the surf feel makes it's way back into the chorus of the tune. This is another track that really makes me think of that underground punk sound from that movie, and that helps me love it even more.
The 6th track, “Just Go Away”, is my absolute favorite track here. There is a huge
The Kinks tone in the verses, and the vocals really show off that Ray Davies sound. The music is full on British punk, and even the mix of this track, really the whole album, lends itself to being from the 70s.
There's 10 great, well written, classic punk tunes presented here. I love the fact that this band is taking the original sounds of this genre, making them their own, and keeping them alive in 2019. So, definitely check this album out. Enjoy!!!!

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