We're not responsible music


Music for hooks, lines and sinkers

Indications of Use: Performance enhancement, increase motivation, late day music energy boost and initiative inducement.     

Contraindications: May cause anger, resentment, depersonalization and shock when taken personally/literally.

Warning:  Increased risk of road rage, impulsive driving or arrest when consumed during heavy traffic while driving.  

Disclaimer: We're not responsible.


Starting With The Riff

As experienced persons in the industry, we have the skills to transform basement punk riffs from high school into compelling compositions. Once we've worked together to create the song, we help get the music in your face at bars, clubs and university safe spaces.


Our Image

Nowadays, everything in our culture is homogeneous. A fantastic Album can only get us so far; we need an image to go with our music. Your input and love for what we do is what will connect us with your message, so we want to hear what you have to say to support you and your ideas.