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  •  LEAGUE OF PITY – Outrage!New York City Punks, League of Pity have recently released a great album. The opening track Illegal Alien is a cascading roller coaster of a punk rock track with the rhythm section driving along a 150 mph delivery.
  • The band has a DIY rawness and freshness and this hook driven power chords of How’s Your Mother blend with a sixties psychedelic vocal to remind me a little of Wire or even a melodic Fall.
  • The title track, Outrage has an Undertones meets the Sex Pistols/The Clash sound with a great riff throughout and the hooks to the solar plexus are relentless. Zip It Hippie is much faster with strange lyrics and a 12 bar blues on steroids approach.
  • The ten tracks clock in at 28 minutes in total but More Lies is almost five minutes in length and the dirty guitars and vocals touch on Joy Division in sound before Just Go Away drives along with chunky chords, mid-paced drums and rhythmic vocals all creating a post-punk atmosphere.
  • The straight up punk rock of Free Stuff is a clever juxtaposition to the earlier post-punk vibe and is followed by the pacey My Left Leg with some absurd lyrics that are great fun!
  • The penultimate effort on this album is Fascist College with Dead Kennedys pace and 87 seconds of punk rock mayhem. The album closes with Down, Down, Down with a garage punk sound matching vocals reminiscent of The Byrds and chords reminiscent of The Offspring – it makes for an exciting blend and a very strong album.
  • Outrage! by League of Pity is available on iTunes, Amazon or contact us for an tangible product with art  and usb device download.

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 Fantastic song. The arrangement of the song was executed perfectly and the use of the vocal harmonies in certain sections paid off very well. And just as I was losing interest there would be a song change and catch my interest again.Well done on this song 

Illegal Alien

"The beat is great but i had no idea what they was saying. it sounds like they are saying something about licking an eye on! Im not sure what the song is about. 

Free Stuff

" This is definitely the type of music I love to listen to. It has an older rock feel, like the Rolling Stones or The Beatles, but it's still different enough to be listened to everyday. I could see this song being on the radio. I like how upbeat it is, and everything seems to flow really well. Great song!" 

More Lies

" Right off the bat this song made me want to dance. The guitar is very upbeat and the vocals are a little raspy. It had an old fashion rock sound too it. At 1:30 the sound changes a little almost getting even more upbeat and then with a little drop goes back to the chorus. And the guitar solo is fun and just makes you wanna air guitar and jump around. ."

Down Down Down

" This song is very bold. It is loud and energetic. I like the singing and i also like the simple but effective lyrics. I like the verses and i like the way the instrumental sounds. This is a great song which i have enjoyed listening to and reviewing. "

My Left Leg

" I love this song. It has just the right amount of different to it, but it isn't too 'out there' at the same time. It's a very catchy song, and I feel like I want to learn all of the lyrics right now just so I can sing along to it. I would absolutely download this song. Also, coming from a singer/songwriter, I would love to do a cover of this song "

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How's Your Mother

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Free Stuff

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